Welcome to the home of the Mesabi East Archery Club!

Mesabi East Archery will be starting very soon.  December 3, 2019 is the meeting of all archers & parents about the coming up season. Please be sure to attend if you are planning on joining archery.


If you would like to donate to our archery club you can follow the “Donate” link and donate via PayPal. This money will be used for purchasing new equipment, helping with trips to Nationals and all of our meets. All donations are appreciated.

And we are off

Earlier today we had a pepfest put on for our archers. It was really neat and thank you to Mesabi East for doing that.

We have loaded the buses and are now on our way to Kentucky. Left about 9:15 pm. Gonna be a long, but fun trip. Will try to post pictures and blogs during the trip as well.